What Happens When Rock Bottom Hits Back?

January 2021 A new year, new dreams, new possibilities, new life. new whole complete I write this sitting on my couch listening to Friends drone on the T.V. for the fourth hour straight as I heal from the worst burnout I've experienced yet. I write this remembering the cold January snow hitting my cheeks, free… Continue reading What Happens When Rock Bottom Hits Back?

Miscarriage Q&A

1 month since losing you. 1 month of pure terror.1 month of staring depression in the face and choosing to survive.1 month of waking up and remembering you're gone.1 month I wish I could forget.1 month without you. Today marks 1 month since we lost our baby, Mars. In that month, we've experienced every single… Continue reading Miscarriage Q&A

5 Things That Helped During Our Miscarriage

It's been 2 weeks since we lost you. 2 weeks since you've been outside of my body and it still feels surreal. They say grief gets easier with time, and I don't necessarily agree. I think it just gets further away, smaller, harder to see. But when you lose a baby, it's almost like you… Continue reading 5 Things That Helped During Our Miscarriage