Why It’s so Hard to Eat Healthy

So recently I saw a naturopath who gave me a solid meal plan consisting of mostly vegetables, protein and healthy fats. What the meal plan didn't contain was pizza. I miss pizza. Instead of eating an entire pizza I figured I'd write about it. Pizza isn' it's own food group. Like why? Does it have… Continue reading Why It’s so Hard to Eat Healthy

How to cope when physical illness exacerbates mental illness.

Coming down with a cold or flu sucks. Am I right? But, coming down with a cold or flu and then having your mental health flare up is almost unbearable. Not only are you now experiencing both physical and mental illness symptoms, but you may be having trouble caring for yourself due to an increase… Continue reading How to cope when physical illness exacerbates mental illness.

My Naturopath Experience

Note: I am in no way trying to disrespect Doctors who work in family practice, I appreciate the work they do and believe there are good doctors. I saw a naturopathic doctor for the first time a few days ago. I booked the appointment in hopes that she would be able to help me live… Continue reading My Naturopath Experience