What I’ve Learned Being 24

Recently I celebrated a birthday… 25! Can’t even lie; it kinda crept up on me. Birthdays are a strange thing. It’s like “Hey- you were birthed ______ many years ago…Congrats!” Regardless, I always use my birthdays as an opportunity to reflect on the past year and create goals for the next.

24 was a HUGE year, full of love and opportunity and exploration. It was one of my favorite years so far.

Here are a bunch of lists inspired by my 24th year on this planet: 

Favorite 3 hobbies: 

  1. Refinishing Furniture: I mean, who doesn’t like making something old look new again. I’ll be writing a new post soon on the refinishing process and the tools I use! Stay Tuned!

  2. Socializing: I’ve always been an introvert (An extroverted introvert to be more specific), but lately, I’ve been trying to meet like-minded people and to my surprise, I’ve actually enjoyed it. I think the key in socializing as an introvert is to find the right people. For me, they are genuine, laid-back, non-materialistic people who I can laugh (and drink wine) with.
  3. Writing Class: I recently enrolled in a poetry class online through Algonquin and lemme tell ya, it’s been eye-opening. My prof doesn’t think twice before telling me what needs improvement in my writing, but he also gives me a lot of praise which is definitely great for my ego. It’s insightful to study all different forms of poetry and step out of my writing norm.

Top 3 books

  1. Katarina By James Frey: Say what you want about Frey being full of poop… He can write. This book creates an urgency of nostalgia gripping you right in the heartstrings. It outlines his experience as a young adult moving to Paris and becoming a writer. I definitely recommend for any artist! Sidenote: Steamy hetero romances that even I wasn’t repulsed by. 
  2. The Year of Cozy: So this book is literally the most adorable book ever. It’s a beautiful book filled with photos of cozy foods, crafts, and ideas. It’s visually stunning and definitely a must-have for home-bodies.
  3. First, We Make The Beast Beautiful : Just the title of this memoir gives me all sorts of feels. It truly is an inside look into the mind of someone who lives with anxiety. One of the truest and most relatable memoirs I’ve read thus far. It’s insightful, but not complain-y and has many tools listed to combat anxiety. Must have!

Top 2 Experiences:

  1. Our wedding. Hands down my favorite day I’ve had on this planet (besides maybe being birthed?) It was worth every sleepless night worrying about the minuscule details, the hours spent planning and contacting vendors and every single vendor who forgot to change their contracts to accommodate a 2 bride wedding. I wish I could re-live that day over and over. And believe me, in my head, I do. (Our photographer Lisa Provencal captures the most beautiful images! Check out her blog here.
    View More: http://lisaprovencalphotography.pass.us/taraandalison2018
  2. Italy: As someone who lives with chronic anxiety/panic disorder, I was really nervous to fly across the ocean and visit somewhere I had never been. I mean- I get anxious just going to meet a friend for coffee… And here I was getting on a plane and flying across the ocean and then another plane from the Germany airport (which is fucking horrendous for anyone who hasn’t been… It is the physical form of anxiety), to Florence and then driving all over Italy. I learned a lot from this trip. Primarily I learned that I can’t run from Anxiety. It’s with me wherever I go, and there’s comfort in knowing that if I just sit with it, eventually it passes. I saw so much beauty in Italy as well…A beauty that I will always cherish and let inspire both my art and cooking.

Top Lesson Learned

This one is tough because I feel like I’m constantly learning lessons (usually the hard way). This year I think I really learned to listen to my body and understand what it truly needs. I’ve learned that the only person who can help me out of the dark days, is me. And that despite the love and support I receive from others, my mental wellness ultimately lies in my hands. I’ve learned that no one else can tell me what I should do to make me feel better (not even a therapist, though they can help). And that I truly know what I want and need, I just need to listen to my inner voice.

I have big goals for 25…but it could be 26. 😉 

  1. Write and publish my second book
  2. Explore Canada!
  3. Re-vamp my blog! (Details soon)


Good things are coming…



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