2018: The year of wellness

I’ve decided- made a conscious decision, that in 2018 I will let go of my demons. I will drop the misconception that the only way to fight depression is to kill myself trying. I will stop criticizing myself in the mirror. The person staring back doesn’t appreciate it. I will eat well. And, when I don’t eat well, I won’t hate myself for it. I will allow myself to use crutches, but never to rely on them. I will hold the hands of the people I love and tell them more just how much they mean to me. I will become comfortable with time alone. I will support my friends, but only when I can do so without sacrificing my own well-being. I will give the energy I wish to receive, and I will give until I can’t anymore. And then, I will take without feeling an ounce of guilt. I will love the parts of me that hurt instead of kicking them while they’re down.

2018 will be the year I spend more energy on being content in myself than ripping myself apart. It’s the year I will marry my best friend and watch one of my best friends get married a month later. It’s the year I use my education in creative ways. The year I kiss my dog right on the mouth ’cause I love him so.

5 Goals for 2018

  1. Meditate as much as possible. Right now I’m using the app Hello Mind.
  2. Read articles that lift me up. Right now I’m hooked on The Mind Body Green Website.
  3. Journal. Right now I’m using this one and loving it – The 52 Lists Project Journal
  4. Eat some delicious food that’s also good for me. Right now I’m hooked on 
  5.  Love, everyone. No matter who they are- I want to find it in me to love them.


I hope everyone’s 2018 is going beautifully so far. And, if it’s not, it’s never too late to change it.


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