Why It’s so Hard to Eat Healthy

So recently I saw a naturopath who gave me a solid meal plan consisting of mostly vegetables, protein and healthy fats.

What the meal plan didn’t contain was pizza.

I miss pizza.

Instead of eating an entire pizza I figured I’d write about it.

  • Pizza isn’ it’s own food group. Like why? Does it have dairy? YES! Does it have vegetables? YES. Is it the most delicious gift from god? YESSSSSS.

  • I like every sort of pizza. It’s like a no-brainer. Peppers? Sure. Pineapple? Why not? Pepperoni? Yasssssss.
  • I feel like it’s balanced enough to eat for all 3 meals? Who doesn’t like waking up and eating a bunch of pizza? If there’s one thing I could do everyday with no consequences, that would be it! Lunch time=Pizza time. And by dinner, I’m like oh helllll yeah there’s still pizza!
  • I literally would rather buy pizza than makeup.
  • And lastly, I can eat a bunch of pizza, get bloated as all hell and not worry that I’m actually preggers. (JK I’m gay).

    This post was purely to distract me from my pizza craving.

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