What it’s Really Like to Plan a Big LESBIAN Wedding

My partner and I have been really lucky in finding the best vendors, and service providers who have shown the utmost acceptance and haven’t drawn attention to the fact that we are, in fact, 2 women getting married. But, during our process of finding vendors and service providers, we did come across a few who were…less than inclusive.

We totally anticipated that although most people will be accepting, there may be a few who ask questions that are offensive or just irrelevant. Lucky for us, we end up laughing it off. Usually.

Here are the 8 most annoying parts of planning a same-sex wedding.

  1. Being asked to sign contracts that clearly, weren’t revised for a bride and bride wedding. Flip a coin for who signs beside the groom!
  2. Being asked “who’s gonna wear the dress?” Um…we both are?
  3. Having to make up new terms for our wedding party. Eg: Groomsmen= Brides-men.
  4. Shopping for wedding essentials and having each and every sales attendant ask who the lucky guy is. Ain’t no guy lucky in this relationship.
  5. Trying to find a wedding planning book that doesn’t either say “Bride and Groom” or use traditional attendant roles such as “Groomsmen” and “Mother of the Groom.” I’ve decided just to cross those out and write my own terms.
  6. Deciding how to walk down the aisle…Like, do we walk down together, do we meet in the middle? Does one of us hide behind a bush?
  7. Deciding on what traditions to stick with. Do we have 2 bachelorette parties? 1 joined bachelorette party? Do we both throw bouquets, what about the garter? So. many. decisions.
  8. People assuming our colour scheme will be rainbow. Sure, and our tagline will be “you can taste the rainbow.” Just no.

But, in reality, we are so lucky to live in a Country at a time where same-sex marriage not only legal, but widely accepted. Despite these 8 annoying things we have encountered, we have had way more pleasant experiences and met so many accepting, kind and respectful vendors.

Happy wedding planning everyone!

Note: Janice Ian inspired this blog title.

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