Top 3 Spoken Word Poems by Andrea Gibson

Spoken word poetry (specifically by Andrea Gibson) is one of my greatest influences in my writing. I’ve been a fan of Gibson for years. Gibsons’ poems are my number 1 favourite purely because of the emotion, the shaking voice, the honesty of it all. Aside from the spoken part, the writing is absolutely chilling. With metaphors I never would imagine. My feet enter Gibson’s shoes each time I listen.

You could say Gibson is my favourite spoken word poet, but that wouldn’t be giving them enough  credit. Gibson advocates for LGTBQ+ people. They advocate for equality and for love and mental health. They are the purest form of art I have heard so far.

Here are my top 3 favourite poems by Gibson in order.

  1. Angels of the Get Through“Say this is what the pain made of you. An open open open road. An avalanche of feel it all. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you are too much. Or it has been too long. Whatever keeps the stutterer from stuttering when he sings a song, you are made of that thing.”
  2. Your Life, Gibsons newest release is so pure and rings so true to not only myself, but so many LGTBQ+ people. It explores the struggle of a child who doesn’t connect with the gender/sexuality they feel they should be.
  3. I sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out

    “The day my ribcage became monkey bars
    For a girl hanging on my every word
    They said “you are not allowed to love her”
    Tried to take me by the throat
    And teach me I was not a boy
    I had to unlearn their prison speak
    Refuse to make wishes on the star on the sheriff’s chest
    I started wishes on the stars in the sky instead.”


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