The Reason For the New Blog Name?

I changed my blog name. I hope to not do this too many times. But, I’ve always had trouble with commitment.

My old blog title Mentally Not Quite Well implied that I was sick, and that anyone reading my posts who can relate must also be unwell. While I think it was a clever name, it didn’t convey the message I hoped to convey.

So why Undertow? Take a look at the definition:

“any strong current below the surface of a body of water, moving in direction
 different from that of the surface current.” 

If that doesn’t explain mental illness definitively, I don’t know what does. I have always felt the pressure to maintain a strong facade, a still ocean, ripple free. When beneath the calm, there was an undertow; a tenacious current, grabbing my feet and pulling me beneath the surface into the depths of the ocean.


Also consider the following steps that I found upon searching “How to escape an undertow.”

  1. Identify an undertow. …
  2. Exit shallow water if you feel a undertow. …
  3. Remain calm. …
  4. Call for help if you are a poor swimmer. …
  5. Swim parallel to shore to escape the current. …
  6. Conserve energy when necessary. …
  7. Swim diagonally toward the shore.
I cannot grasp how similar escaping an undertow is to escaping or battling mental illness. Here are some steps I created based on the above information.
  1. Identify the problem, trigger etc…
  2. Exit the triggering event, space etc…
  3. Remain calm
  4. Call for help
  5. Stay close to shore (home)
  6. Rest
  7. Get out alive

I’m hoping people can resonate with this new blog title. I’m hoping you read it and say “hey, I have an undertow. I have a current beneath the surface that no one can see.” And even more, I want you to read it and truly feel a lull knowing you aren’t the only one.

If anyone wants to share the story of their “Undertow: please reach out.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday and has a peaceful week. ❤


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