My Favourite Self-Care Products

Self-care is a very diverse form of care. It can be as simple as drinking more water and as complex as signing up for a yoga retreat once a year. I like to keep my self-care fairly simple and cost-effective. Today I’m going to share my all time favourite self-care products and explain why I love them (And why you might too!).

  1. Dream Balm – I received this for my birthday last year in a Yogi Surprise Box. It’s a balm infused with essential oils that smells super earthy and organic. You put a tiny dab on your temples, behind your ears, and behind your neck before you go to sleep. I have made it into a routine that as soon as I get into bed I put it on, and take a few deep breathes of the smell. As someone who suffered/suffers from insomnia, this balm has helped me not only fall asleep, but stay asleep. Even smelling it during the day now can relax me. It is cost effective too. The jar has lasted me a year so far and I think I’ll probably get another few months out of it. 5/5 recommend
  2. My Mala is definitely one of my go-tos when I’m really struggling. I actually won it on an Instagram contest from Free Soul Malas. My Mala is The Rose Quartz Guru Mala. I use it as a fidget when I’m feeling off-balance or anxious. I also use it during yoga for the added benefits such as balance, harmony and clarity. This item is slightly more expensive, but is a great idea for a gift or an item definitely worth saving for. 4/5 would recommend
  3.  My Himalayan Salt Lamp is another favourite. I use it every time I meditate, do yoga or even stretch. The light it gives off is so delicate and soothes my anxiety almost instantly. It reminds me of the little bit of light the sun gives off at the end of a sunset. It’s fairly cost effective as well. 5/5 would recommend 
  4.  Essential oils are another go to for me. I specifically use lavender to rest, and lemon to invigorate. I’ll use a few drops in the bath, or in the shower when needed. I also try to routinely smell them to associate them with different events. I smell lavender before doing yoga to try to train my brain to associate yoga with calm. I just buy mine from the grocery store in the natural foods/products section. Some are as low as $10.00. 5/5 would recommend
  5. Sometimes when I feel run down, depressed or just in need of some “me-time” I use the Tea Tree Face Mask. My anxiety worsens when I feel “dirty.” It’s something I’m working on. But, in the mean time, this face mask makes my face feel instantly clean and the smell gives me energy. It’s fairly cost effective at $18.00 because a little bit of the mask goes a long way. 4/5 would recommend

So there they are, my favourite self-care products. Much love and happy self-caring.

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