My Favourite Forms of Self-Care

Self-Care is such an important part of staying balanced, especially if you’re struggling with stress, mental illness, addiction or just a bad week/month/year!

Self-Care was first introduced to me during college (Child and Youth Care). My profs encouraged us all to practice self-care to avoid burn out. I didn’t take it very seriously until my last year of college when I started to burn out and regress in terms of my mental health.

Since then, I have been finding what works for me. Because let’s be real, bubble baths and wine don’t work for everyone (though they are nice). Self-care for me has to be more involved, more soul-searching on my hands and knees feeling the earth grounding me.

SO, here are my favourite self-care practices, items and activities:

  • Drinking tea: It helps me slow down and appreciate the little things. Even the process of making the tea has been proven to be calming. My favourite tea brand ever is Yogi Tea. The tea bags have little messages on them that always leave me reflecting. Right now, I’ve been drinking a lot of the Calming Tea.
  • Gentle Yoga: It helps me connect with my body and send energy to the parts of me that need it. Right now I’m doing a lot of youtube videos by Yoga With Adriene . She’s got a video for pretty much everything!
  • Essential Oils: I only use two essential oils depending on why I’m practicing self-care. If I need a pick me up, I put a little bit of lemon essential oil on my wrist. If I need calmness and grounding I go for Lavender.
  • Meditation: I’ve recently began to practice meditation. I simply set my phone timer for 10-15 minutes. I lay down on my yoga mat and repeat the words “I am (on inhale) and calm (on exhale). I notice any thoughts that come into my mind, and simply let them pass and redirect myself to my breath and mantra. The book that inspired me to meditate is called Unplug . Super informative yet simple and to the point.
  • Nature: Reconnecting with the elements is really helpful in my self-care practice. As adults we rarely are given the opportunities to be in nature. So, we have to create these opportunities. I’ve been gardening, forest bathing and spending a lot more time outside lately and see an increase in my mood.shinrinyoku.jpg

That’s all folks. Happy self-caring!

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