Forcing Myself to Face Fears

Lately I’ve been trying to push past barriers that I have. Over the last few years, with worsening depression and anxiety, I’ve isolated myself and began to fear things I used to enjoy. I have panic attacks when I feel trapped or like I can’t leave which has caused me to not want to do much in terms of going out/traveling.

I’m trying now to challenge my thoughts, and force myself to face these fears. I’ve also been challenging my catastrophic thoughts by imagining the worst case scenario and developing plans to manage IF the worst case situation ever did arise (which I know isn’t likely.)

Example: I’m bussing downtown to Bluesfest and I’m nervous because I won’t have control over when we leave.  What if the bus doesn’t come?

*So worst case scenario would be the bus doesn’t come at all and I feel panicked. There are ways to cope with that.

1. Call an UBER.

2. Call a friend to pick me up.

3. Take a different bus even if it’s less direct.

Challenging my catastrophic thoughts about the situation helps immensely. It reminds me that even if the worst possible event happens, there are solutions that can get me out of the situation.

Side Note: I’ve also found alternate nostril breathing extremely helpful when I start to feel panicked and anxious. Here’s a simple guide!

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